The Home Buying Process


Our Philosophy

We believe buying a home should be an enjoyable experience centered around you, that does not involve hype or pressure. Our team's goal is to help you find a home that you love in a location that complements your lifestyle, while still being a sound investment.

The Process

Most buyers begin on their own with internet searches and later contact us when they are ready to visit a particular home. We find that local folks tend to do a lot of this preliminary work themselves, since they are already familiar with neighborhoods, traffic patterns, schools, etc. Buyers new to the area tend to depend on us for more suggestions and direction. Buying is such a personalized event that we feel the best way to get started is a conversation with you to help us understand where you are, what you need and how to best serve you.

The Technical Side

For most, buying is an emotional decision. While we relish finding the right home and sharing that emotional high with our clients, some of our most important roles will always be providing market analyses, contract writing /negotiating and closing the deal. We will handle the business side of your transaction competently and professionally, with our goal being a smooth, stress-free buying experience.


When Glen started selling real estate over 18 years ago, he asked his mother Nina for any advice she might give to help him achieve some of the success she had enjoyed during her 20+ years in real estate. He expected some great pearl of wisdom or detailed plan of action, but this is what he got: “Glen, if you work hard and tell the truth, everything else will take care of itself. Oh, and return phone calls ...instantly.” Of course today that expands to phone calls, e-mails, texts, Facebook messages, etc. In our opinion, good communication is the cornerstone of customer service.